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The TrineAspect Winning AlgorithmTM of Market Trend Signal Service

You just need one single opportuntiy. Buy it, Hold it till the very last moment, and Close it when the commodity has the highest price.
This sounds like a 3-easy-step to do. But every experienced trader knows how hard actually it is. In this whatsapp group, we will try to help by
telling you when the opportunity is expected, with periodic update during your holding period, and when you should close the position and actualise your profit.

Trades will be mid-to-long term (3-6 months period), and during these periods, we shall add or reduce position according to the cycles unfolding on the market), as we do position trading.

People who like day trade can also ride on our house view to have your own day trading decision, but this group is not aimed for day trading or short term trading.
Instead, it is a group to encourage position trading with periodic update on the position status.

- Signals come with No Ambiguity, with Entry Signals' Polarity, Price, Time all known days ahead.
- Signals also will come with tight stop loss, risk to reward ratio of at least 1:3, with target close price or date known ahead.
- Market will be on Forex, Gold, and Dow Jones Index mainly.
- Only one-time upfront payment and you can cancel the subscription anytime.

* & Khit Wong hold no responsibility in any investment decisions made by subscribers by reading these whatsapp messages. The contents there are solely for educational purposes.
**We cannot guarantee past performance equals future return but they are based on the same astrological formula. Subscribers should invest with their own risk considered.

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Simplified Mechanical Astro Trading System
or you may join our another whatsapp group where we share our Simplified Mechanical Astro Trading System which utilize the W.D. Gann Mechanical Trending System along with our Trineaspect Winning AlgorithmTM,
and receive Mechanical Trading Signals on your handset. By joining this group, not only will you be able to understand how to apply W.D. Gann Trading Concepts in the real time market environment,
and you will as well understand how to achieve Consistent Winning in the market by applying Simple, Mechanical W.D. Gann Trading Methods along with our understanding on astro cycles.

- when compared with the Trineaspect Winning AlgorithmTM, these trading signals will be more mechanical and only have around 60% accuracy rate
- risk reward ratio will also be lowered to 1:2
- it will come with a 38 page W.D. Gann Mechanical Trend Trading Guidebook on how you can Mechanically Trade & Reap Profit from the Market by yourself.

Learn how to read the Market Rhythm, and start to Taste of being a Consistent Winner in the market!

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