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Experience the TrineAspect Financial Astrology Edge yourself -

The TrineAspect Winning FormulaTM of Major Market Change Alert Signal Service

Prediction of the future market movement is all about getting the right multi-dimensional mathematical formula that the market is unfolding with.

I got A+ on my Calculus Math, Critical Thinking, Probability and Statistics & an A on Macro Economics and Corporate Finance in university, and it still took me 15 years of
full-time-trading-and-research to be able to deduce down to the right Math Formula. And this Trineaspect Winning FormulaTM is backed with a 5 years of Forward Testing,
(meaning that the same Formula was tested in real time environment for 5 years without knowing the test result, ahead of the test itself)
which as well includes
a 10 out of 10 (meaning that while only 10 predictions were being posted in the public, the forecasted time or price targets (sometimes both) were unfolded as is,
for 10 times, consecutively)
Accurate Predictions on the Dow Jones Industrial (^INDU), Gold (^XAU), EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, Hang Seng Index (^HSI),
& even on Bitcoin Market, which was logged on the authentic wave59.com website.

Read these Accurate Price-&-Time-Specific Financial Astrology Forecasts, and Honestly ask yourself, have you seen anything like this with such high accuracy before?

and in this Major Market Change Alert Signal Service, I shall be sharing the signals, generated from this well-tested Math Formula, with you.

If the Formula is so good, why don't I trade the signals myself?
Well, I do trade it myself; but at the same time, I also want to payback my karma for meeting good teachers guiding me the correct path in the past (thus now, I need to teach someone back in order to get this take-and-give-cycle running).
Learn from me today. Read my Customer Testimonials. You can see most of them are Happy Customers; Join them, and try our Forex & Gold Signal Service. I am sure, when you are looking back from 5.315 years later, you would appreciate
that you had joined our Financial Astrology Signal Service on Trineaspect.com. Lots to learn here, and start to consistently reap profit from the market Today.

Formula will need constant finetuning/ All good Formula will expire
Many of you had probably experienced this in your Trading Career already. During your back testing, you had come up with one formula, which did exceptionally great in the past, but once you start investing according to this formula, it fails miserably
and it doesn't work anymore. It is called "Data Mining Fallacy". Mine is something different. My formula is not static, I have a dynamic variable which is accustom to the time change on Earth (and that's why I need to include the aspect of astrology,
as what "day" is, is actually the moon had revolved Earth for one cycle. and what "year" actually is, is the Earth had revolved Sun for one full circle.) and so far, this forward testing since 2011 have been working very well, as you can see the proofs from these
Price-and-Time-Specific Financial Predictions working inthe market. This Math Formula is like a new prescription drug to be released to the consumer market, and it had stood the backtesting stage, it had as well stood a 5 year forward testing,
before I am here to introduce it to you.

Isn't it too good to be ture?
Yes, you should be suspicious. Internet is a place full of scam, but it doesn't rule out the fact that there could still be some good people here.
In fact, If you think I am a scammer, I invite you to join my service, and I will give you a full refund if you can have a valid reason on how I scam you into my service, and that I cannot deliver on what I promise to bring you here.

Opportunity is here. And it is now up to your choice to take it or not, and I shall speak no more and let yourself to decide on it.


With this High Quality of Entry Signals that I am sharing with you at this price, I do not think you can find it anywhere else.

- In this Newsletter service, I will be sending out Major Market Turns Alerts (weekly update of what you expect in the upcoming market,
and Market Turns Signal arise around 2-3 times per 2 months) to my subscribers so that my subscribers' wealth will be protected
and they shall expect what is going to unfold in the upcoming Market
- Market will mainly on Forex (EUR, JPY, AUD), Gold (^XAU) and Down Jones Index (^INDU).

With 1) Profitable Trading Account, 2) Accurate Public Forecasts & 3) Positive Subscribers' Feedback.
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*upon joining the service, we will as well send you a booklet, which was normally sold for US$35, and that would further enable you to discern the Change of Trend by yourself.
** Trineaspect.com & I hold no responsibility in any investment decisions made by subscriber reading these Newsletter. The content there are solely for educational purposes.

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