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WD Gann Financial Astrology Trading Method -
Your 5 steps to attain Mastery on Finance Astrology Trading
here on

Step No.1: Meet your Personal Planet Ruler / Rulers (PPR(s)) and experience the influence that your PPR(s) brought to you.
Product No.1: Ephemeris Alarm (iOS app):
As everyone has a different PPR(s) which rule his personal financial life; With this iOS app, you may now meet your PPR(s) and foreknow when she or they
are forming bad aspects or is/ are in retrograde mode, so that you may protect your personal wealth before your PPR(s) become weak in supporting your financial growth.
Be alerted, be forewarned and most importantly, be able to act and protect your capital before the storm comes.
As well, you may synchronize all important Astro Phenomena (such as conjunctions, retrogrades, declination parallels...etc) of moon or any planets that are of your interest to track with,
and be alerted 5 minutes to 3 days before or after these astro phenomena occurred, by the Apple Calendar Alarm, to time your trades in the market.
Limited Time Offer: Free (Email us for Andriod/Internet version)
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Step No.2: Learn How you can also Catch Market Turns like below.
Product No.2a: Astrological Trading Method that Spots High Reward Low Risk Opportunities using Ephemeris Alarm iOS App
financial astrology financial astrology

Table of Contents - "The Secret to Power Up The Technical Indicators: SIMPLE but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE twist on RSI, Moving Average & Traction Trendline for Intraday Trading in FX Gold Bitcoin Trading Market"
Chapter I: Look Deeper Into Technical Indicators P.3
Chapter II: Why Do These Technical Indcator Fail? Understanding What Technical Indicators Are Really Indicating P.10
Chapter III: Apply The Right Technical Indicators According To Upcoming Market Condition And Profit Comes! P.12
Chapter IV: Exactly How I Added My Own Spin To The 2 Technical Indicators And Make It Work P.22
Chapter V: Applying The Correct Way To Draw Traction Trendline And Receive A 3rd Dimensional Confirmation On Market Reversal P.37
Chapter VI: Secret of Using Retrograde as a Trading Indicator Seminar Script and Powerpoint Slides...P.49
Chapter VII: Turning Astrology Timing into Price Resistant...P. 99 Smallest Astro Cycle for Intraday Trading...P.110
Chapter VIII: Catching Potential Intraday Highs /Lows & Using Astrology Timing Indicators as Stop Loss...P.115
Chapter IX:Drawing Astro Trendlines, Price Projections & Natal Astrology...P.123
Bonus Ch.:
Decoded George Bayer Rule #17 of Stock&Commodity Traders’ Handbook & its example in DJI...P.135
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Limited Time Offer: US$397 only + 35 shipping fee
Product No.2b: Learn the Implicit, Underlying Mathamaticial Structure that Keep on Repeating in Every Cycle (It is not Fibonacci/ Golden Ratio!)
wd gann wd gann book

Table of Contents - "Implicit Rules of Trend - Mechanical Mathematics Trend System"
Bonus Chapter: The Fallacy Of Winning Percentage of a Trading System P.4-20
Chapter 1: Introduction P.21-24
Chapter 2: Scripts & Powerpoint Slides On Khit Wong 2016 W.D. Gann Form Reading Seminar – Change Of Trend P.25-59
Chapter 3: TA&R Basic P.60-69
Chapter 4: Safe, Safer, And Safest Entry Techniques P.70-74
Chapter 5: Mathematics Behind The Exact Entry & Exit Points Of The Example Raised In Chapter 1 P.75-79
Chapter 6: Secret to Power Up The Technical Indicators - P.80-84
Chapter 7: News Trading, And Its Application Of The Trend A&R Technique P.85-95
Chapter 8: Application Of Trend Action & Reaction With For-sure-knowing Upcoming Trend P.96-98
Chapter 9: How I Made My Forecast And Adjust Trading Size With My Trade In Jpyusd & Audusd P.99-109
Chapter 10: Correct Way Of Reading The Market P.110-112
Chapter 11: Khit Wong Core Trading Methodology: When To Entry And When To Chahge Trading Size P.113-117
Chapter 12: More examples on WD Gann TA&R Implicit Mathematics Relationship P.118-136
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Limited Time Offer: US$397 only + 35 shipping fee
Product No.2a & 2b: Packaged Item with lessen Shipping Fee
Packaged Price (US$794 + 45 shipping fee) for 2 books together:
1st Book: "The Secret to Power Up The Technical Indicators: SIMPLE but HIGHLY EFFECTIVE twist on RSI, Moving Average & Traction Trendline for Intraday Trading in FX Gold Bitcoin Trading Market" P.135
2nd Book: "Implicit Rules of Trend - Mechanical Mathematics Trend System" P.136
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Limited Time Offer: US$794 only + 45 shipping fee

financial astrology

financial astrology
Step No.3: Experience the TrineAspect Edge yourself.
Product No.3: Study Group Teaching by Sharing Real-Time-Market-Trading-Signals in a Whatsapp Group
- See the Market Calls yourself. Join the Community. Meet the Like Minds. Discuss the Market and other difficulties you encounter with the group, and understand the material brought to you by is legit.
- Don't trade alone. Take advantage of the TrineAspect Edge and back your trade with the House View of
- Confidently bet in the market when you are aligned with the House View; and beaware of sudden changes of trend when you are betting against the House View.
- There is no guarantee of return, but I shall share my view on the market, and try to post 2-3 good market signal each month in the whatsapp group for educational purposes.
- I shall try to foretell the upcoming market changes, so that the wealth of the members in the whatsapp group can be protected and grow.
- I shall also try to explain the trade set up, the money management, and the expectation that one should have while he is trading with the full knowledge of all core W.D. Gann theories.
- Market will be on Forex & gold market mainly. Sometimes Hang Seng Index and Down Jones Industrial Index.
- Trading Time will mostly be during Europe/ US trading hours, depending on when opportunity arise s.

financial astrology financial astrology
financial astrology financial astrology
*No commitment to the service, and you can cancel the subscription anytime you want.
** & Khit Wong hold no responsibility in any investment decisions made by subscribers by reading these whatsapp messages. The contents there are solely for Financial Astrology educational purposes.
Limited Time Offer: US$7/23 days

financial astrology financial astrology financial astrology financial astrology financial astrology financial astrology financial astrology financial astrology financial astrology khit wong review khit wong review
Step No.4: Meet Khit Wong in his W.D. Gann & Financial Astrology Seminars.
Product No.4: LATEST RELEASE - Be Familiar with Khit Wong's Theory Package
- This item covers further advance applications on Trading Methods introduced in Product No.2a & 2b and
- it also covers Correct Application in using Square of 9 & Drawing Traction Trendline in a much easier understanding video format
W.D. Gann is a great trader, but he intentionally did not write well, so that we can only receive one layer of his meanings at one time.
Read Khit Wong's material. And his easier understood format in video format. See if you understand what he said, and if his material make any sense to you.

Package Item 1: a 45min Seminar DVD on "Breaking the Prevailing Myth of Mercury Retrograde & Secrets of using Retrograde as a Trading Indicator"
Package Item 2: a 90min Seminar DVD on "Khit Wong's Approach to the Financial Astrology & Investment Psychology
Package Item 3: a 90min Seminar DVD on "W.D. Gann's Form Reading & Rules For Determining Trend of Stocks"
Package Item 4: DVD Seminars Recording Provided with English Script, English Powerpoint, English Video Explainer on the Cantonese Speaking Seminar in Item 1,2 & 3.
Package Item 5: a 10-page article on the Correct Way to (or how do I) Apply the W.D. Gann Square of Nine to the market with example on Down Jones Index ^INDU.
Package Item 6: a 9-page article on the Correct Way to (or how do I) Draw Trendlines on the Commodities and receive a 3-Dimensional Short Term Trading Confirmation of Market Reversals with example on the Gold Market.
Package Item 7: a price chart on Demonstration of What W.D. Gann meant by "Safe, Safer & Safest Selling Point" in Hang Seng Index
Package Item 8: a 3-page article on "Trading Using Planetary Movements", featured in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine, Bonus Issue 2014.

Here is a quick overview of the first 10 minutes from each of the three Seminars covering major concepts and secrets of W.D Gann & Financial Astrology.

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***as this item is a continuation of product No.2a & 2b, all purchasers are require to purchase product No.2a & 2b before purchasing this item No.4.
Limited Time Offer: US$650 only + 35 shipping fee

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step No.5: Get the two Volume of books that Khit Wong writes. Learn his way of thinking and be able to produce similar Market Calls by yourself.
Product No.5: Volume I & II: Price & Time Cycles Hidden in Chatper VII of Tunnel Thru The Air
"I am not going to tell you something that you didn't know before; But I am going to show you an angle that you haven't looked before.
come & follow my path and you will see the click that allows you to see everything differently and have your mindset shifted to a higher level."

It is a non-blackbox, lifetime technique being taught to the purchaser and all the according formulas are written down in the book as well.
please email us for details.

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